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How to post Ads?

How to post Ads

Step (1) Ensure before placing ads that you are using an upto date browser. Boatsdaily works best with (Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x and up, Mozilla firefox 3.0 and up, Safari 3.0 and up).

Step (2) Click on ‘Place Ad Free’.

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Step (3) Enter secure code to progress to next page.
Step (4) Enter important fields: title, category, state, dealer / private sale, a description, price, contact email address, length of ad, at least one picture.
Step (5) Click ‘become a member’ if wish to create member login.

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Step (6) Agree to terms and condition by ticking box. Press submit.
Step (7) Check your email address for the email confirmation.
Step (8) Click the link ‘’ to submit ad to Then your done!

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Problems posting Ads

If you receive errors during the ad submission process please try the following:
As a guide the error should describe what is information is missing please check form again and re-enter the missing information.

NOTE: If undescribed error occurs:
Step (1) Check your internet connection is working.
Step (2) Java enabled for your web browser.
Step (3) Check your browser is: (Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x and up, Mozilla firefox 3.0 and up, Safari 3.0 and up, Opera browser 3.0 and up).
Step (4) Reset the form and enter your form data again.

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NOTE: If Ad confirmation email is not received:
Step (1) Check SPAM filtering is not setup on your mail client or ISP's end
Step (2) Check that you have not setup a rule to discard SPAM emails to another 'spam' folder.
Step (3) Try another email address

Selling Hints & Tips

Step (1) Go through local paper, scan the web for similar boats forsale and forums to see what they price the boat is selling for. This should give you an idea.

Step (2) Write a good description for your boat. Also heck other ads online to ensure your ad has all the necessary technical information about your boat. Think about the features you love that attracted you to the boat in the first place. Get excited. And remember to be completely honest in the description, theres nothing worse than having someone turn up to inspect your boat and the details of a scratch or dent were not in the online ad description.

Step (3) Your headline title must include keywords and attract your buyer. Use words such as "great fuel economy," "super-low mileage," "kicking audio system" as well to attract prospective buyers. A title that does not represent your ad well will not help you sell your boat.

Step (4) Include great looking photos with close-ups. Normally you should include at least 8-10 photos, dont be lazy, get the right pictures you need to show off your boat. Ensure the weather is sunny and the photos are clear as photos are the primary advertising medium used to attract prospective buyers. Again be
honest with certain dents or blemishes and take close-ups pics of these if they are present.

Step (5) Print out an advertisement with all the ad details includes ( price, rego, ph number) put it on the boat to help sell it (i.e. PDF adverts are sent to you free, when you post your ad with boatsdaily!).

Step (6) Good Communication is essential with the buyer, when organising an inspection allow the buyer to inspect the boat and answer honestly and clearly any questions they might have. Be quick and responsive in your communication with prospective buyers. Don’t be late returning calls or replying to messages,
communication will be key to the sale of your boat.


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