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Owning a boat

How to wash your boat?

Salt water will corrode you metal and other boat hardware, the most important and simple task is to wash your boat regularly. If you boat in saltwater, rinse your boat thoroughly with fresh water after every outing to remove salt residue. Using a long-handle, soft-bristle boat brush and some quality soap. Marine boatwash is best and. Car wash soap is next best and some boaters use laundry soap in a pinch.

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Changing the boat's engine oil

Boats engines require regular oil changes especially four-stroke outboards, inboards. Normally you should change the oil every 100 hours of operation or at least once a year. You don’t want to find yourself getting stuck out at sea because you engine doesn’t start..

Completing an oil change on a outboard is surprisingly easy, ensuring you buy to correct boat engine oil for your engine type you firstly tilt the engine down and drain the old oil from the engine into an oil pan firstly. Once thats completed you can locate the oil inlet, usually located rear of the engine on the top. Pore in your new oil approx 7x litres should do the trick.

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Checking the boat's propeller

Whether you have an outboard or stern drive boat you should check the propeller regularly after every couple of launches. Make sure fishing line hasn't become wrapped around the propeller shaft. If it hascheck the gear case because this might be an issue you need the experts to look into.

So with aid of a hammer, pair of pliars, marine grease and small paintbrush to apply the grease..

Remove the propeller making sure the engine gearbox is in neutral firstly. Remove the propeller washer, then the propeller should come off with a bit of nudging. Once propeller is off you should then apply the grease to the propellers shaft.

While you have the propeller off, inspect it for nicks, dents and other signs of damage. It’s alright if your prop is missing paint, but send it out for repairs if you find signs of impact. The smallest dent can cause your boat to lose performance.

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Boat running costs

Your biggest outlay should be the price of the boat.

A good maintenance schedule and replacing perishable parts will give your resale of the boat a boost.

Boat trailer - After your main purchase, the real cost of owning a boat will begin to show, as your trailer will be one of your biggest outlays. Be sure to factor this purchase into your initial costing.

Fuel and lubricants - Boats aren’t really known for their fuel efficiency, especially when the water is choppy or you’re into a sport such as skiing or wakeboarding. Expect to use a lot of fuel. With irregular use, calculating your mileage can be difficult, so maintaining a logbook can make this easier.

Maintenance - Whether you use your boat weekly or a few times a year, maintenance is a given. As a new boat owner, expect to get your hands dirty. Boats are subject to wear and tear and you will need ensure that your boats looked after.

Storage and mooring - Mooring fees vary state by state, but even a small boat can be expensive to moor depending on the location.

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