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How to buy a boat

Steps to buying a boat

New boats are a trouble-free way of buying a boat. They are sold by dealers who order them direct from the factory, and with the right dealer-prep these boats are in first-class condition.

When buying a new boat, make sure the dealer will support you not just at buying time. Ask around at boat shows and at the dealer’s location to make sure you’re buying from a reputable dealer with a strong commitment to customer service.

There is a majour upside of buying new its the warranty coverage and manufacturer’s support that comes along with a new boat.

Used boats , on the other hand, may or may not still be covered under manufacturer’s warrantees, but you do take a greater risk on the overall quality of a used boat than you do on a new boat since you don’t know the history of the boat, its maintenance, or whether it’s been involved in any type of accident or suffered damage.

Once you have determined the type of boat that will suit your needs, and that is based on how you plan to use the boat. There are three main boating activities: cruising, fishing, and watersports. While many boats can be used for two or even all three activities, you need to choose to boat that would best suit your requirements.

The pitfalls to watchout for

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